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Airbnb Property Management Cohost Services

Everything you need for a successful short term rental business without the stress.

At McNiece Management, we offer a full range of Airbnb property management cohost services to make it easier than ever to monetize your vacation and short-term rental properties. Whether you just need a hand with listing your property or want full service, including staging tips, bookings organization, guest communication and even cleaning services, we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve got a condo on the beach, a vacant guest house, a downtown apartment or even several private rooms or suites, then you are already on your way to making money from short-term rental properties.

Our Available Services

Airbnb Property Management Co-hosting Services

As your home away from home, your vacation rental may be difficult to maintain on your own, especially while juggling a day job and even a family. From messaging with guests and coordinating cleaning and maintenance services to helping you stage your home to make it market ready, McNiece Management helps lighten the load with comprehensive vacation rental management services. We’ll also organize and maintain your calendar and bookings and communicate with guests for a smooth stay. We aim to stay ahead of varying regulations for Airbnbs to make sure we can keep your doors open for travelers. Let us be the cohost that helps you reach superhost status with our trusted techniques.

Airbnb Preparation

We want your property to shine! So, we use our real estate background to give you pointers on perfectly staging, furnishing and decorating your short-term rental, which boost its attraction to potential guests. Via a virtual walk through, we’ll give you ideas that align with the current trends for your property type and make your listing irresistible.

Professional Airbnb Cleaning Services

Now more than ever, your guests want to know that they’re staying in a clean and safe space. So, we invest in high-quality professional cleaning services after every stay in each of our Airbnb property co-host areas to ensure a sparkling home upon arrival. Our commitment to the enhanced 5-step cleaning process, especially thorough sanitation and disinfection, ensures the health and safety of all our guests — even with high turnover rates. We also monitor your property for damages to make sure it stays in pristine condition and maintains its value between visits.

Guest Requests and Airbnb Maintenance

You never know when a toilet will stop working or the A/C will go out – and you don’t want to have to return to your short-term rental to fix it yourself. That’s why we have a maintenance team on standby in all of our Airbnb property management locations for swift solutions that will keep your guests happy and satisfied! We constantly monitor your property for damages to make sure it stays in pristine condition and maintains its value.

24/7 Guest Support

Your guests will receive round-the-clock support for their reservation, starting from the moment they book. We give up-to-date information on directions, parking, amenities, local attractions, check-in instructions and more to ensure they have all the details they need for a smooth stay. And if anything comes up mid-reservation, we’ve got you covered with swift responses and solutions.

Get started with Airbnb property management.

Your stress-free and lucrative journey with your short-term rental property begins with McNiece Management. Start by filling out our contact form and telling us a little about your property and goals to determine if we’re the right Airbnb property management cohosts for you!

We do it .

Rest easy knowing your space is in safe and reliable hands.

The last thing you want to do while you’re working or vacationing is respond to booking inquiries and requests. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on a booking opportunity because you happened to be sleeping. Our 24/7 system ensures that your guests always have answers and solutions right when they need them, including automated reservation details and check-in instructions. From parking and directions to amenities and local recommendations, we quickly respond to all questions before, during and after your guests’ stay to boost the customer experience and garner those 5-star reviews that keep them coming back.

But we’re not just invested in your guests, we’re also listening to you! Have questions about the process or your rental schedule? We’re here to respond to your concerns and keep you in the know about your rental properties at all times.

We create optimized listings that highlight the hidden gems that set your short-term rental property apart. Our professional photography is a game-changer when it comes to increasing booking rates. The detailed property titles and descriptions are crafted to pop up in search results and showcase all that your rental has to offer, as well as the surrounding amenities and attractions.

We help ensure maximum visibility using expert marketing techniques on popular booking sites, such as Airbnb and VRBO, social media channels and local realtors. These listing techniques are sure to get your Airbnb or vacation rental booked consistently and regularly.

Before confirming booking requests, we ensure that your potential guest has a good rental record by examining their profile and history. This process guarantees that your schedule is filled with qualified reservations, and your short-term rental property will be occupied by quality guests that will care for your space.

Find our Airbnb property management teams in popular states, including Georgia, Texas, Kentucky and Florida. Our local networks ensure that your property gets the on-the-ground attention it needs for continued success. We have a pulse on the local attractions and amenities in each of our current service locations that will make your listing stand out and get your short-term rental property booked. Interested in Airbnb property cohost services in other locations? Visit our contact page for inquiries about alternative locations.

Using innovative technologies and in-depth market research, we will help you set dynamic pricing that benefits both you and your guests. Our pricing guidance takes key elements into consideration, like cleaning fees, our Airbnb property management fees and supplies expenses to make sure you receive maximum returns on your short-term rental. Likewise, we commit to fair pricing that will keep your property competitive and attractive to guests.

Airbnb Hosting Seminars

Interested in hosting on Airbnb but unsure where to start? Check back often for educational virtual seminars where we share guidance on all things Airbnb. Each event features real estate experts that can help you grow your business and monetize your extra space.